Panoramic Views of the Rooms

Click on the photos below to bring up the panoramic views from the webcam site..  The panoramic views allow you to rotate and zoom in a full 360 degrees  in the room of the picture!  Note:  The pictures can be as large as one megabyte, so they can take several minutes to load on dialup connections.  Low speed (modem/dialup) connections should select low resolution.
Please let us know what you think of this photo feature -- or if you experience any problems using it by contacting us on the guestbook or sending us a message.
NOTE: These Panoramics work best with Internet Explorer.  They may not work as well (or at all) with Netscape, WebTV, or the AOL browser.
Dog Room
Low Resolution (200 KB) High Resolution (600 KB)

Sun Room (Guest Bedroom)

Low Resolution (200 KB) High Resolution (900 KB)

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