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Sherman and Marco   Sherman in Dog Bed   Marco's First Night
When a human isn’t available, IGs will be just as social with each other! Sherman and Marco regularly “pile in” to the same spot — even if there isn’t enough room!   Sherman was my first Italian Greyhound. I found him via resources of the Italian Greyhound Club of America.   I “adopted” Marco a few months later. He and Sherman are from the same litter, and have been together their entire lives.
Marco smile   Tug of War!

Marco fit right in to our “pack”, and helped himself to all of Sherman’s toys and beds! Is that a wry smile I see on his face?


Marco’s addition to the family added to the “play and romp” department.  Here they engage a in tug-of-war and chase!

Go Away!  

Pillow Head


Boys on new bedspread

Of course, at times, EVERYONE just wants to be left alone! Sherman had one too many pictures!


Sherman burrows under the covers and sleeps at my knees or feet. Marco prefers to sleep at the top of the bed with his head on a pillow!


These are definitely creatures of comfort. They love to hang out on my beds or couches. The softer, the better!

Marco's favorite spot   Snoozin' Sherm   Marco Nose
Marco loves his favorite spot. If Sherman plops down here, Marco will grab a toy, lure Sherman off the bed, and return to “his” spot!   Of course, the favorite IG activity seems to be sleeping. These little guys could put Rip Van Winkle to shame!   ...and, where you find one sleeping, you’ll usually find the other doing the very same. This “one for all” attitude goes for other activities as well.
Sherman's First Picture   Dainty Marco   Sherman Log Legs
The IG has beautiful lines and that classic greyhound symmetry.    Just as distinctive as the greyhound profile are those long slender IG legs...
  ...VERY long legs!
The Sunshine Dogs   Boys sitting   Keith holding Sherman and Marco
A place my IGs enjoy is anywhere the sun is shining. Here my little “sunshine boys” get the best of both worlds:  the sun shining on a bed!   My dogs are red with white markings (tan and white), but IGs come in a large variety of colors.   And of course my favorite IG activity is snuggle time! ...which fortunately is high on their list of activities too!
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