Declaration by Lawrence Keith Turbyfill
To Organizations Involved in Direct Marketing

Copyright (C) 2001 Lawrence Keith Turbyfill

TAKE NOTICE of my permissions regarding messages to me and use of information about me.  This includes solicitations by mail and telephone, and rental of my name in lists.

Declaration of Permissions

I ask that organizations who may wish to make solicitations to me or to provide information about me to others first check the the appropriate line of the List of Organizations below in order to determine my permissions concerning such acts. Where the categories overlap the last line whose description is applicable should be considered as the appropriate line. These permissions remain in effect until I change them by issuing another Junkbusters Declaration or other explicit instructions to that effect. If a URL is specified in the Identification section, organizations involved in direct marketing are encouraged to check it periodically for revised versions of this Declaration. Each such organization is addressed as ``you.'' If the line ``Permissions apply to all residents'' appears below, ``me'' and ``I'' should be interpreted to mean all residents at my address.